Turn your followers into a task force

Share your vision and your audience will make it happen

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Engage your social network to

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expand your idea into a plan of action

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Break-down your project into tasks

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Fund your tasks

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Crowdsource tasks

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Verify task completion

As the Project Leader, you maintain control over the collaboration at all times, so your project development reflects your own vision. You build momentum with the crowd through the achievement of small tasks.
    Create your Prototype

    Build a team.

    Finance tasks.

    Collect feedback.

  • Bloggers
    Report on the future

    Publish an idea and your audience will implement it in the world.

    Generate verified content on what is about to happen.

    See your writing drive action. Translate your written ideas into tangible results.

    Build your own lab

    Bridge the gap between theory and action.

    Publicize and expand your academic projects.

  • Activists
    Serve as a leader

    Turn your supporters into an organized task force.

    Multiply your effectiveness with collaborative action, rather than mere protest.

    Emerge as a leader through concrete action rather than just talking and lip service.

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Turn your followers into contributors, and increase trust and support to your project.
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Bring diverse people together in unique efforts to achieve common goals.
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Build an active community around a concrete story. Get community feedback and improvement.
Gain Independence
    Build powerful action for your community without having to belong to the ruling clubs and emerge as an independent leader.
    Projects are open for public review, so you may channel the wisdom of the crowd. This makes you accountable but it also protects you and your project as independent and legitimate.
    Fund a project anywhere in the world with a multi-national team.