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We help organizations open their projects to public collaboration.

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Get your audience organized to complete a mission.

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Build Trust

Build trust to raise funds efficiently.


Growth Hack

Open your cause to public participation, and grow your community.


Scale up

Start small and scale up your impact.

How It Works


1. Share Your Vision

Post your project Idea on social media and invite your friends and followers to participate. You will get Immediate feedback. You can start with a simple community action.


2. Break-Down Project Into Tasks

Each task has a button 'fund', and a button 'do'. Any visitor can suggest a new task. As the Project Leader, you maintain control over the collaboration at all times, so your project development reflects your own vision.


3. Get Funding

Each task is a small crowdfunding campaign with a small budget that is easy to reach. It is 100% transparent: donors see exactly where their money goes and can follow tasks progress. That transparency increases your fundraising capacity.


4. Crowdsource Tasks

Let your followers complete tasks, so they will form an active movement around your mission. That translates into more trust, greater impact, and more legitimacy for your project.

People can donate of their time for free or get paid for the completion of a task. The funds raised for a task are transferred to the person who executed it when the task has been completed.

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5. Verify Task Completion

Payment is released upon publicly proven completion. Each time a task gets completed, it is a success story that you can share on social media. Doing that would encourage more people to join your movement. So you can start small and scale up your impact.


6. Done!

Users who completed a task can receive the funds allocated to that task either in fiat currency or in cryptocurrency. Tasks can be implemented anywhere in the world.


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By opening your project to collective intelligence and collaboration, you scale up your capacities.

Audience Engagement

Offer social recognition to your people and build up your community.

Public Legitimacy

Build solutions with the people for the people.

Coming up

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SAAS & Decentralized Data

In a few clicks, run weserve as your own platform under your own brand.

Secure user privacy on a decentralized database . Protect your operations on a resilient architecture.

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Decentralized Money-Flow and Workflow

Give wings to your online community with peer to peer cross border impact: Operate anywhere in the world with smart contracts and crypto, free from the middlemen.

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Open Source

As a game changer in the field of social impact and online movement, weserve.io aught to be open source.

Our Team

Team virginia

Virginia Garcia

MPA Columbia SIPA -
London School of Economics.

Investment Strategy and debt

From Spain

Team eric

Eric Courier de Méré

WeServe, founder

Columbia GS, BA Philosophy
From France

Team fatima

Fatima Uriarte Caceres

Columbia SIPA,
MPA Economic Policy

Ms Mathematical Statistics
From Peru