Turn your followers into a task force

Share your vision and your audience will make it happen

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Keep control on collaboration at any step

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expand your idea into a plan of action

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break your project down into tasks

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fund tasks

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complete tasks

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review tasks

Things that Weserve does for you

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Market Validation

  • – build an active community around a real story
  • – get community feedback and improvement
  • – analyse traffic on your project
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Stimulate your Audience

Turn your followers into actors, and increase trust and support to your project.

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WeServe brings contrasting people together in a unique efforts to achieve common goals.
Volunteers can refund the amount they earned towards a new task. People who cannot afford to volunteer may keep the money they earned.

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Anti Corruption

Build powerful actions for your community without having to belong to the ruling clubs, and without being bound by political or financial partisanship.

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Projects are open for public reviews, and constant feedback. So your project is protected by the crowd and gains legitimacy.