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Welcome to São Luis community!

São Luis is located in South West Alentejo, surrounded by a natural park, the ocean and several intentional communities as Tamera or Mooji Sangha. This is attracting like minded people. Taking into account that Alentejo is one of the less densed populated areas of the whole Europe use to make it easy to find big plots of land that now are hosting Permaculture projects and ecosystems regenerators.

In our little village we have a lot of social movement with Transition movement for more than 6 years and several ecological and cultural organizations that promote self-organized art festivals, regular workshops and all kind of activities in this village. Also, in the surroundings we can find regenerative business focussing on eco-social regeneration.

All this coming together in a place where interdependence and cooperation is still common inside the traditional culture we can find a perfect possibility to merge the alternative regenerative movement with the more traditional and ancestral wisdom of the place.

So far, several projects are moving on and there are some of them specially focusing in caring for the commons. As it is normal in a humbler country like Portugal, people is open for this social initiatives. So, the only thing we miss is financial capital and sometimes intellectual capital.

At this stage, one of the challenges is how to bring together all those different communities that are alive: traditional, intentional communities and neo-rurals from Portugal and all over the world. And with this intention we ran CooperAcção (https://gaiaalentejo.wordpress.com/cooperaccao/) a project that I have started and that bring together several key actors from different communities in co-creating a regional event. All the movement started with a informative survey (adaptable and scalable) about the areas of interest (within and integral perspective), active organizations and tools for cooperation (as regional map and database), study of the barriers for cooperation, socio-demographics and more importantly how to join the movement. This gave a lot of energy to the local and regional community, unfortunately at the end of 2018 we ran out of fund and the project stopped

6 months ago I have arrived back to the community with the intention of continuing and deepening the process of eco-social regeneration. Now, while I am finishing my master thesis on Social Architecture we are getting ready for another attempt, we are bringing forces together at local, regional, national and international level to do something truly transformative.

It is interesting to notice that all the different groups at local (solar village, reflorestation, ecoversity and time banking), regional (green wall against desertification) and national (Integral cooperative with DAO method, Open food network and common on-line platform) level got organized and weaved during those times of lock down and now we are dreaming big all together. *In brackets I share some of the projects I am participating in*

Here, in the picture you can see the aim we are pointing: building integral ECO operatives with a systemic approach (it can be adapted to other communities and scaled to other levels).

We have loads of ideas and regenerative purposes and in this platform I share some steps we can do to start walking in this direction!!



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