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Stay at NomadTown, our wild resilience hub in findland, and join in developing “S.T.O.P.” a social technology with a focus on green skills, rural crafts and foraging practices. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmf2IY-JV-RrTlSV8LBlC7A


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NomadTown, is a resilience hub. It is in Karelia and supported by the association called Sydänlanka (Heart-string). Nomad Town is not only manifesting as a place you can visit (or live if you are so inclined), but also has an out-focusing missionary aspect to what it is doing. The aim is that it will influence the nearby city of Joensuu, the wider region and hopefully internationally too, to adopt its more resilient practices. 

Finland’s first resilience hub is bringing a response to the situation that we are living in a crisis, created by exceeding ecological and climatic limits in our environment. It is making a cultural adaptation to this situation. Part of such adaptation necessitates reflection and evaluation to create a path forward in the biocultural landscape for members of the community and connected communities. Resilience hubs offer a way to spread techniques for development of alternative ways to exist. 

This year NomadTown is developing a social technology with a focus on green skills, rural crafts and foraging practices. The social technology is called S.T.O.P. It is planned that the technology is transferred to other locations, projects and activists. The knowledge capital is being spread more widely through connections such as Extinction Rebellion Global Resilience project partners, Earth Regenerators and via publications, podcasts and videos.

Scientists and activists connected with NomadTown are thus engaged in the process of creative place making of a resilience hub and the associated cultural milieu. This process takes advantage of the concept of co-learning where the “teachers” are the community at large (which includes the institutional environment and organisations in Finland) and also they are the “learners” (who will act as multipliers of the results of that learning). Nomad Town is making use of the rural symbolic economy by bringing a contemporary iteration of rural sustainable culture, which is akin to the arts and crafts movement, to a wider audience. It will also act in ecosynergy with the natural world that NomadTown is embedded in. NomadTown is manifesting as a low ecological impact culture.      

○ in July we will have a 1 month experiment here. Please come ( ideally minimum one week)  and share (facebook event link above)   

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