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Extinction Rebellion (XR) reaches out to myriads of people that constitute tremendous reserves of talents, intelligence, and energies. The purpose of Global Resilience (GR) is to tap into XR talents and resources in order to perform the greatest impact possible. Fundraising is not just about raising money, but first about raising people and ultimately about powering actions. That means focusing on engaging with people constantly in order to scale up actions. And since action speaks louder than words, then GR actions will allow XR to develop beyond temporary buzz as a sustainable movement. Therefore Crowdsourcing actions with volunteers is as important as funding them. The GR promotes constructive projects that build hope and solidarity as provided by the GR Project´s Selection Panel.(PSP) In order to answer the people’s expectation and meet XR anti-corruption standards, GR Crowdsourcing campaigns must be fully transparent, decentralized, and with impact in real time, so that: - Volunteers get socially recognized for the value of their contributions. - Donors can decide precisely where their money goes with a guarantee of result. - Projects are open to public participation. - Project impacts are measured in real time. Progresses are tracked and documented in real time. https://globalresilience.earth

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